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Interview with Bobo from Snow White’s Poison Bite

1. Before being in any band what did you aspire to be?

Well… a nurse :D don’t ask why cos i don’t know

2. What made you want to start playing music, (what age did u start, who is your inspiration etc.)?

I start playing around 13. My father ask me that do i wanna motorcycle or bass:D well here i am . Trying to play… im a huge fan of Nikki Sixx. Today i still think that he has the most rock n roll attitude ever!

3. What made you want to be a part of Snow White’s Poison Bite ?

Well 1st their music. It had some old and new elements in their music which i liked. 2nd well look allan.. who can resist him asking you to join in his band :D

4. How is this band different than the others you’ve been in?

Well in this band we share same goals. Like this is what we want to do. You have to work hard to get to the top. And we all have some same idols which we are into. Also everybody has something their own interest but that makes us even more colorful 

5. What made you decide that this was what you wanted to do as a career?

I have always dreamt playing in front of people.. making music which you like. Baing in a band who wants to work hard. And when i joined in swpb i right away felt that this is it. So i quitted my job and start ölaying some kick-ass music with my mates :)

6. How does is feel that your music has spread worldwide?

Its awesome! Cos in finland this type of scene is quite still unknown. So when we went in USA and saw fans singing our songs. Its breath taking. ♥

7. How was your experience traveling to the US and/or other countries?

Meeting fans etc. The whole trip was great! I and we really enjoyed playing over USA. Fans were great. Meeting them and talking with them was awesome. Really meet people who came to see us. 

8. What is the biggest reward that came with your success?

Our label is the best. No need to say. Victory has been so good to us. Really great working with them.

9. How has this success changed your life?

Well now im broke:D in finland its quite normal to be a musician and broke:D okay. Maybe the biggest thing is that now i can really say that i enjoy to do finally what i have always wanted to. You can travel in different countries.. meeting great peoples. 

10. How does it make you feel that you have impacted so many people?

Well its great that people have found us and get strength or courage or support through our songs. Its great to be there for people who don’t wanna be like the most cos society forces. We try to help people to be their self. Encourage to say what they wanna say… its awesome!

SWPB interview coming soon! :)

Just got done interviewing Bobo from snow whites poison bite! Can’t wait to post it :)

Ghost town back in the studio! :) 

havent used this in forever!!!!!! :O …. ill start using it a bit more now ^^

havent used this in forever!!!!!! :O …. ill start using it a bit more now ^^

love this band! <# they are amazing! ^^